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Adult day care may be coming

Laura Denon, Transylvania Times Nearly a year has gone by since the abrupt closure of Transylvania County’sonly adult day care facility. Residents continue to drive family members andloved ones out of the county to obtain services. A handful of community members and...

Alzheimer’s Disease Early Warning Sign

Alzheimer’s Disease Early Warning Sign Memory Loss That Disrupts Daily Life You’ve forgotten someone’s name, but then remember it later… Is that an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease, or simply an age-related event? Forgetting something and then remembering it later is generally...

What is Adaptive Clothing?

What is Adaptive Clothing?

Does your aging loved one struggle with finding fashionable, affordable and easy-to-get on clothing? This is a common problem with a solution growing in popularity – adaptive clothing. Adaptive clothing is designed specifically to help those with physical and mental...