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Tore’s Home Offers Medical and Many Other Types of Coverage

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Employee Housing Now Available


 Unique Benefits

Affordable Housing

To date Tore’s Home has made the following progress with respect to housing:

    • 11 living units for employees that is subsidized 30-60% below market rates.

    • Have currently two small Transition Houses under construction in Flat Rock that will be able to house several employees with a target opening date in February, 2023. This operation is expected to increase over the next several months.

    • Secured all permits necessary to start construction of 24 more living units in Brevard. Construction has started.

    • Have several more acres of land in the planning stage to increase supply of housing even more.

    • By Fall of 2023 we expect to have a total of at least 40 living units for our employees.

    • Rents are based on government data on affordability.

    • Developed 4 phases of housing ranging from transitional housing to proposed home ownership.

After Hour Childcare

    • Employees who have children who are over 6 years of age are allowed to bring their children to work as long as the children are well behaved and follow the rules.

    • We just entered into a collaboration with an operator to run our first childcare. Tore’s Home financed the start-up cost in return for having first priority for childcare for our employees. The license was secured in December of 2022. The Childcare is expected to open early 2023.


    • Tore’s Home provides transportation within a reasonable distance from our facilities for their employees and have done so for several years.

… and much more

Traditional Benefits

  • Competitive wages

  • Loving, caring environment

  • Advancement opportunities

  • Refer-a-Friend bonuses

  • Transportation service to and from work when necessary
    (call for details)

  • Ask about our child-care policies
    (Bring your child to work. Ask for details)

* Details of all the above benefits will be discussed during the interview process.


Medical Benefits

Provided at No Cost to Employee

  • Minimum Essential Coverage
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Short Term Disability
  • Life Insurance

Optional Medical Benefits
(Employee has to Contribute)

  • Additional Life Insurance
    ($10,000 increments)
  • Hospital Plan
  • Critical Illness with Cancer

* Details of all the above benefits will be discussed during the interview process.



Tore’s Home Offers Support for its Employees in Other Ways!


Tore’s Home provides transportation on a limited basis for work for those employees who may require it. We will provide details during the interview process.

Affordable Housing

Tore’s Home currently has a limited number of Affordable Housing units available for our employees while employed with Tore’s Home. We base the rent for this housing on government estimates for affordable and workforce housing. Our future plans include a significant increase in housing availability. We will let you know more during your interview.

After Hours Child Care

Tore’s Home is in the process of offering an After-Hour Child Care solution for our employees.  Further details will be provided during the interview process.

Home Ownership Program

Tore’s Home is in the process of developing an exciting opportunity for employee homeownership with the following goals in mind:

  • A proposed funding source that in most cases can provide 95-100% financing for first-time homebuyers.
  • A proposed arrangement with a construction company that will reduce construction costs to an affordable level.
  • An arrangement with a construction company that in most cases, will be able to construct such homes for the employees at an affordable cost.
  • Floor plans that can provide the employee with rental income after the terms of the mortgage are satisfied.

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