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What Payment Forms Do You Accept?

Tore’s Home® is primarily a private pay facility. Most private Long Term Care Insurance policies will pay for the care at Tore’s Home®. Residents with limited resources must pre-qualify to enter Tore’s Home®’s Special Pay Program prior to admission. Call Tore’s Home® to learn more about this program. Medicare will cover most charges incurred if the resident has a skilled need that requires a Registered Nurse or a Physical Therapist. These skilled professionals will come to the facilities.

Is Transportation to a Doctor’s Appointment and Outings an Extra Charge?

We do not charge extra for transportation to doctor’s appointments and outings within the county where the home is located. We provide labor and transportation. The residents pay for any extra charges incurred with these outings. For example, if we go to the movies the residents pay for their own and staff’s tickets. Tore’s Home® will pay for transportation and wages for staff.

Does My Loved One Ever Have to Move?

Since we opened our facility in 1996 we have never asked anyone to leave because they required too much care. There may be situations where our rules and regulations will not allow us to keep somebody until the end. However, we have done this work since 1996 and we have never had a resident who had to permanently leave the facility due to extensive care. However, our policy is that if a resident starts requiring extra heavy care and is no longer mentally competent we reserve the right to move this resident to another Tore’s Home® facility that has residents at similar care level.

When Are Visiting Hours?

Tore’s Home does not have formal visiting hours, but we discourage visitors from coming around mealtime as this is the busiest time of day for our staff.  However, if visitors come on a frequent basis to assist with feeding their loved ones, we encourage such visits.  Also due to COVID and flu outbreaks in the community, there may be restrictions imposed on us by the state.  Ask for details and please follow the directives given by our staff.

Can I Bring Food into the Facility or Use the Kitchen?

Yes, please bring special foods that your loved one enjoys eating. Our kitchen is yours except for when we are preparing meals for our residents. Also, remember our residents can help themselves to snacks any time unless we have doctor’s orders to the contrary. If you feed your loved on in front of other residents, please bring enough food to share with all residents. Otherwise please have a meal in the resident’s room.

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