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When Is the Right Time for Assistance?

Nov 15, 2021 | When Is the Right Time For Assistance Info Series

November 22nd Is an Important Date to Remember

A New Information Series Is Coming on November 22nd.

“When Is the Right Time for Assistance”

Betty Davis famously once said: “Getting old ain’t for sissies”.  There is a bit of truth to that for many of us.  At some point in our lives, we just can’t do the things we used to do as easily as we did.  Even routine activities like getting dressed, bathing, and getting in and out of bed become increasingly more difficult.  Determining when you, or a loved one, needs assistance with daily life activities can be difficult, but a new informational series from Tore’s Home can help.

Beginning on November 22, Tore’s Home will present a series of slide videos on how to determine the right time for assistance.  Segments will discuss evaluation techniques such as:

  • ADL (Activities of Daily Living, i.e.: feeding, continence, etc.)
  • IADL (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, i.e.: socializing, transportation, etc.)
  • The caregiver’s role in the decision-making process

What type of living/care would be best for YOU including:

  • Receiving support/care in your own home
  • Active adult community
  • Independent living
  • Assisted living
  • Memory care
  • Nursing home
  • End-of-Life care

New episodes will be posted every 10 days to the Tore’s Home Facebook home page; our website at; and on the Tore’s Home Services YouTube channel.  This is an important series you do not want to miss.

We all want to remain independent throughout our lives, but eventually we may need assistance.  This new Tore’s Home series can help you determine when the time is right. Be sure to follow along beginning November 22.