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Remain in Your Own Home as You Age

Feb 28, 2019 | When Is the Right Time For Assistance Info Series

“Tore’s In Your Home” Can Help You Remain in Your Own Home as You Age

“It’s getting harder for me to take care of myself.”

“Even the simple tasks seem too difficult for me.”

“I have a hard time remembering what medications I need to be taking.”

“I can’t drive anymore but still need to get to my doctor’s appointments.”

“My wife used to cook our meals. Now that she’s gone, I am not eating very well.”

As we age, many of the daily activities we took for granted when we were younger, now seem difficult. Cleaning, cooking, even personal hygiene often seem overwhelming, even impossible. These can be common problems for older people. Oftentimes the first thought when deciding how to get the assistance we need is to give up the independence of leaving the home we love and moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home. But there is another option… an option that allows you to remain independent and continue to live in your own home. It’s Tore’s In Your Home and it’s part of the family of services offered by Tore’s Home Services. Tore’s In Your Home is available now for Henderson and Transylvania County residents.

Planning Ahead to “Age in Place”

Planning ahead for illnesses that may cause us to need assistance can be difficult. No one can predict the future. One way of looking ahead however is to look at any illnesses you or your spouse may currently have, such as emphysema or diabetes. Talk with your doctor about how these health problems could make it difficult for someone to get around or take care of himself or herself as time goes by. If staying in your home as you age, or “aging in place” is important to you, you owe it to yourself to begin thinking about in-home care services.

What Support Can Help You Remain in Your Own Home?

Through Tore’s In Your Home, you can get virtually any type of help you may need inside or outside your home. The service is offered in two different approaches: Traditional and Comprehensive. So what is the difference? The Traditional approach provides the assistance you may need in your home on an hourly basis and is designed for clients who have strong family support locally. The Comprehensive approach provides greater flexibility and affordability and is designed for clients who do not have local family support. The Comprehensive Plan is designed to allow Tore’s Home Services to become your “family.” You choose the services you need – from medication management to interior/exterior house maintenance. There are virtually no limitations to the home care services Tore’s In Your Home can provide. Here are a few examples:

Personal care: Bathing, washing your hair, dressing, and other personal care needs.

Medication management: Assisting clients with daily medication management.

Household chores: Housecleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and more.

Meal preparation/delivery: From breakfast through dinner, special diet meals, etc.

Transportation: Transporting you to and from doctor appointments. Tore vans offer handicapped accessible transportation even for the non-ambulatory.

Interior maintenance: Plumbing, electrical, painting and other maintenance inside your home.

Exterior maintenance: Lawn care, painting, cleaning gutters, pressure washing, etc.

Virtually no home care need is beyond the scope of what Tore’s In Your Home can offer. A care representative from Tore’s Home Services will assist you in customizing a plan to fit your exact needs.

What If I Eventually Need More Care?

One of the unique advantages that Tore’s Home Services offers you is “Priority Placement”. Once enrolled in Tore’s In Your Home, either the Traditional or Comprehensive in-home approach, you are eligible for priority placement to one of the Tore’s Home residence facilities should you need it later. This could occur if it becomes impossible for you to stay in your home. Tore’s Home has a history of caring for people through End-Of-Life in small residential facilities with only 6-12 residents in each facilities ensuring a true home-like environment. For clients who can afford it, Tore’s Home Services can even provide around-the-clock care in your home (based on staff availability).

What About the Cost?

Depending upon your long-term care insurance plan, it’s possible that these services are already covered. You’ll need to check with your insurance agent to find out more. Tore’s In Your Home Care is very competitive on price with all other Home Care agencies in the area.

What Should I Do Now?

Even ifyou don’t think you are ready for in-home care now, or have questions regarding your individual needs, you should contact Tore’s Home Services at 828.884.5007 for a free in-home consultation. It won’t take up much of your time, but it could help make your wish to remain living in your own home a reality. Allow Tore’s Home Services to assist you in making plans for the future.