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Non-Ambulatory and Bedridden Care

Non-Ambulatory and End-of-Life Care

What Makes Tore’s Home Different:

  • We are one of the few Assisted Living operations in Western North Carolina that is committed to caring for Non-Ambulatory residents.

  • We provide virtually total care in a true home environment with only 6-12 residents in each home.

  • Although most facilities offer only one handicapped van, Tore’s Home has several, giving residents more flexibility in scheduling their transportation needs.

  • We provide Hospice care working closely with hospice organizations in the area to provide appropriate care for our clients in the final stages of their life.

  • We do not charge additional fees once residents become bed-ridden (except for our ambulatory budget rooms).

  • We are dedicated to doing everything we can to allow our clients to “age in place”. In fact, it is very rare that residents have to leave Tore’s Home because of care issues.

Virtually Every Level of Care Is Offered By Tore’s Home Including:

  • Independent Living in YOUR home.

  • Independent Living in our homes.

  • Assisted Living

  • Extended Care

  • Memory Care

  • Non-ambulatory/Bedridden Care

  • Hospice Care/End-of-Life Care

Non-ambulatory Care is just one reason why we call our approach to care services the "Tore’s Home Difference". Call us today to schedule an appointment and see the difference you

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