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Extended Care

Non-Ambulatory and Bedridden Care

At Tore’s Home, allowing our clients to age in place without, in most cases, ever having to leave Tore’s Home is one of our most important missions.

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Our Facilities

Assistance In One of OUR Homes

At Tore’s Home, we believe in a different, more loving approach to caring for the elderly.

Homelike Facilites

Unlike most Assisted Living facilities that often move their residents into the hospital-like environment of a nursing home when they begin declining in health and/or become Non-ambulatory (incapable of thinking or moving on their own), Tore’s Home continues to care for virtually all of our residents throughout every stage of their final years, including Hospice Care. That’s because Tore’s Home believes uprooting the resident from his or her adopted Tore’s “home” can be upsetting to the resident, placing excessive trauma on the resident particularly in situations where he or she has established close relationships with other residents and staff.


*Some restrictions to end-of-life care apply.


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