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Partnership leads to opening of after-hours childcare center

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Press Releases

Partnership leads to opening of after-hours childcare center

After nearly three years of planning, an after-hour childcare center will soon
be opening in Brevard. An agreement has been reached between Tore
Borhaug, president of Tore’s Home, and Karen Shelton, owner of Karen’s
Kidz, to provide after-hour childcare services. According to Shelton, priority
will be given to employees of Tore’s Home with plans to expand operations to
include the community. The childcare center, licensed as a Family Child Care
Home, will be located next to Tore’s Home facilities on Gallimore Road in
Brevard. It is open to children 2-12 years old. Borhaug has, through LIFT
Holdings, LLC, provided the financing and start-up support including the
building and operational funds for the first phase of the center.

“It has been a dream of mine for many years to open my own childcare center.
I learned that Tore was looking to assist somebody to start their own business
and that he would provide all necessary funding to realize my dream,”
Shelton said. “I am extremely excited about this opportunity and cannot wait
to admit our first child.”

The childcare center is an important part of a greater plan by Borhaug
developed over the last five years to help the community. His plan calls for
overcoming obstacles to employment that were identified through research
and interviews with employees. The top three obstacles that were determined
included: lack of sufficient affordable workforce housing, after-hour childcare
and transportation. Once these obstacles were identified, a strategic plan was
developed to either fix the obstacles or manage them better. Transportation
to and from work for employees of Tore’s Home was implemented several
years ago. Additionally, nearly a dozen affordable housing units for Tore’s
Home employees were added, with new units currently under construction.

“After-hours childcare will play a crucial role in giving our employees a ‘hand
up’ in overcoming the daily struggles of being able to provide a living for their
families while at the same time being able to provide care for the elderly in
our community, which is a major economic development issue,” Borhaug

Tore’s Home was established in 1996 and provides senior living including
assisted living, Alzheimer’s and memory care, extended care, end-of-life care
and respite care. Facilities are located in Brevard and Flat Rock.

Shelton has almost 20 years of experience in working with children and has
assisted in the licensure of several childcare centers and been the assistant
director of such centers for several years. She also has her associates degree
in early childhood education and is currently in the process of obtaining her
bachelor’s degree in early childhood education.

For more information, contact Tore Borhaug at (828) 884-5007 or by email