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Assisted Living

Assisted living patient at Tore's Home in Brevard, NC


Providing assistance in one of our homes.

Tore’s Home® Assisted Living services are available to you should you no longer be able to stay in your own home. Our Assisted Living services provide around-the-clock care in a comfortable, loving home-like environment. Personal care and health care services are included as well as a long list of fun activities should you choose to participate.

Tore’s Homelike Facilities

  • Homes are located in quiet residential neighborhoods

  • Each averages only 6 to 12 residents

  • All residents have private rooms unless there is a desire to share a room

  • Homes are located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains

  • Residents enjoy abundant privacy

  • Activity programs are tailored to meet each resident’s wishes

  • Staffing ratio is second to none

  • Weekly outings for resident enjoyment

  • You can even keep your pet (Learn More Below)

Senior living patients smiling in Brevard, NC - Tore's Home Inc

Personal Care Services

Aging can affect every aspect of our physical being. Even the simplest of tasks can be difficult. The experienced staff of Tore’s Home understands. It’s why we are there to help. Some of that help includes:

  • Assistance with everyday needs such as showering, personal grooming, dressing, toileting, ambulation, oral hygiene, shaving, nail and hair care, and more.

  • Laundry and housekeeping included

  • All meals and nutritional services included

  • Grocery shopping for special snacks

Assisted living resident taking medicine at Tore's Home in Brevard, NC

Health Care Services

Depending upon the need, Tore’s provides health care services including:

  • Assistance with self-administration of medication

  • Transportation to medical appointments or outpatient treatments

  • Assistance with following doctor’s directives

  • Access to physical therapy or nursing services, as prescribed

  • Wireless emergency call system from any location in the home

  • Handicap-accessible homes

  • Physical therapy (choice of individual or group) by licensed physical therapists

Senior living patients playing cards at Tore's Home in Brevard, NC

Activities You’ll Love

At Tore’s Home, we believe that every resident should have fun. That’s why we go out of our way to provide a wide variety of fun-filled activities all supervised by the Tore’s staff:

  • Cookouts

  • Playing games

  • Exercise

  • Going to movies

  • Shopping

  • Eating at local restaurants

  • Concerts

  • Movies

  • Sightseeing drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway and other areas

Pet friendly assisted living facility in Brevard, NC - Tore's Home

Pet Accommodations

Medical research has shown that the bond between pets and people can help positively affect a person’s health and happiness.

At Tore’s Home®, we welcome small pets, that’s why a number of the Tore’s Home® residence facilities include “dog doors” to accommodate personal pets (based on an approval process). Residents do not have to leave their pets behind when the need for around-the-clock care arises. Since each room has its own “dog door” other residents who do not like animals will not have their needs infringed upon.

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