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May 3, 2018

The Most Important Question to Ask Before Entering Assisted Living

There are important questions to ask before entering a long-term care facility including, but not limited to:

  • Is it affordable?
  • Is it located near my family and friends?
  • What services do you offer?


Considering the current environment (the Great Resignation), Tore’s Home believes the most important question to ask today is …


What are you doing about staff attrition and retention?


That question is important because America’s workforce is changing.  Fewer people are working.  And long-term care facilities are being affected.


Recently, a lack of staff caused the Governors of New York and Minnesota to call in the National Guard to help care for residents.


But Tore’s Home is different.  Our approach to recruiting and keeping staff is changing paradigms on how residents and staff have cared for both inside and outside of our facilities.


Tore’s Home continues to have one of the best staffing ratios in the industry.


And that means Tore’s Home has been able to provide a high level of care for over 25 years.


That’s because Tore’s Home understands that it’s seldom the job that causes someone to quit.  Instead, it’s often what happens when the caregiver goes home.


After over 25 years in business, Tore’s Home recognizes that the three most important reasons (there are many others) that affect staff attrition and retention include:


Lack of affordable housing.



Lack of transportation.


 Lack of after-hours-childcare.


To overcome these problems, Tore’s Home has worked hard to establish a program that provides a better life for our caregivers.  Here is what we are doing …



Affordable Housing



Currently, a number of our staff have safe, secure, and affordable housing units owned by affiliated companies of Tore’s Home.



Proposed plans will more than double the current inventory of affordable housing in the coming months.  Large tracks of land have been secured with construction to begin in soon.



Tore’s Home has proposed plans to one-day build houses that our employees can own with a mortgage they can afford.  By building new houses we will be able to add an apartment to the house so that approximately 50-100% of the mortgage payment can be covered by renting out part of the house when the terms of the mortgage are satisfied.



There are many more details to come on our affordable housing program.






Tore’s Home operates a fleet of vehicles that can pick up and drop off staff members before and after work should they need it.



After-hours Childcare



Tore’s Home is in the process of state licensing for its own after-hours childcare center.  A building has already been secured and the plan is to start operations as soon as the license is secured.



Taking care of our residents as well as our employees is what makes Tore’s Home different than large corporate elder care facilities.



Tore’s Home offers most care levels to our residents including:



  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • Extended Care
  • End-of-life Care


Ask for details for each care level.



Unlike nursing homes and large impersonal facilities, Tore’s Home offers a distinct, family-like atmosphere.



Our homes are small, intimate, secure and located in quiet, residential neighborhoods.  We continue to have one of the best staffing ratios in the industry.



Keeping our homes small allows our caregivers to provide residents with a more personalized, and customized level of care.



A more loving level of care … that’s why Tore’s Home is one of the most respected and trusted assisted living facilities in Western North Carolina.



Offering such personalized care to both our residents and our staff is truly what makes Tore’s Home different from the rest.



Learn more by scheduling a FREE, no-obligation interview today.



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