Tore's Home® Assistance Programs

Quality of Life... with Assistance

Tore's Home® offers virtually all levels of care from Independent Living in your home to end of life care in one of our true home like facilities.  For most residents Tore's Home®’s facilities will remind them of their own homes.  Our goal is to prevent your loved one to be institutionalized.  Since the establishment of Tore's Home® in 1996 Tore's Home® has never asked anybody to leave due to care issues.

Independent Living Through Tore's Home® Services

Assisted Living in Your Own Home

Tore's Home® is proud to announce the addition of a new program, Tore's Home® Services, aimed to assist the elderly to live in their own homes as long as possible. We aim to provide Assisted Independent Living services in your own private home, allowing you to have the security of knowing that somebody will deliver goods and services to your door. This program is ideal for a spouse that needs assistance caring for a loved one with failing health or an individual needing assistance either long term or short term. By utilizing this service we hope to postpone your admission into a facility. This will give both you and your loved ones peace of mind that somebody will be checking in on you to make sure your needs are provided. Once round the clock care is needed you will be given priority to move into the facilities of Tore's Home®, Inc. as soon as an opening becomes available.

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Assisted Living

Assistance in a True Home Environment

Tore's Assisted Living aims to give our residents another level of care in a true home environment. Tore's Assisted Living will provide a different level of care for residents who can no longer stay in their own home.

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Extended Care or Hospice Care

Total Care in a True Home Environment

Extended Care aims to provide our residents another level of care in a true home environment. We will provide virtually total care for residents who require around the clock care. We have never asked our residents to move to a nursing home because we could not handle their high level of care. Our goal is to care for your loved ones at this level of service until they pass away. We have been providing these services since 1996.

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