Tore's Home® Philosophy

Our Philosophy and a Word from the Owner:

Tore's Home®, Inc., was founded March 1, 1996. The idea originated out of a desire to provide care to the elderly in a true home-like environment that would remind them of their own homes. After much research, planning and hard work Tore's Home® #1 was started 15 months after the conception of the idea. Two years later we acquired the second home, Tore's Home® #2.  From 2006 to 2009 we built five additional facilities.

At Tore's Home® the focus is on providing our residents with a quality of life in spite of the challenges the aging process presents. Due to this focus we have built our infrastructure to support this vision by keeping our facilities very small and home-like. In addition, we have invested in transportation equipment to further ensure that our residents have opportunities to participate in activities in the community on a weekly basis. We also assist the families of our residents in transporting their loved ones to special occasions.  This service is available to our many non-ambulatory residents.

Your satisfaction with the care given at Tore's Home® is important to us. Therefore, we encourage your input on the service we provide your loved one.

Expanding our vision to include more residents, we have added several beds for individuals whose resources will be depleted and who will eventually qualify for Medicaid. When resident’s resources are depleted they will still be able to enjoy a private room, which is unheard of in the Long Term Care industry.  Residents who need to enter this program must prequalify prior to admission. Please, call us at (828) 884-5007 for more information about this program.

As of June 2009 we have added Physical Therapy to our services.  Our residents can now enjoy both individual as well as group therapy sessions by licensed physical therapists.  In addition, residents can now come to Tore's Home® and receive therapy after a hospital stay.  Medicare will in many instances cover such therapy.

In September 2009 we added Independent Living to our services.  Residents can now receive Assisted Living in their own homes through Tore's Home® Services, thereby, postponing their entry into a facility.  Maintain your independence longer by allowing Tore's Home® Services to care for you in your own home.

Thank you for your interest in Tore's Home®.  Please feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance to you and your loved ones.


                                        Tore Borhaug
                                        Tore's Home®, Inc.

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