Activities & Outings

Tore's Home® is commited to providing enjoyable activities and outings

Tore's Home® offers a customized activity program tailored to each resident's needs. Our goal is to facilitate your activities to what you are accustomed to when you lived at home. Our residents enjoy a variety of hobbies and enjoy socializing with visitors, staff and other residents. Activities are organized to include all of our residents, but no activities or outings are "mandatory." We respect our residents rights to quiet time and privacy.

Our transportation equipment reflects this commitment. Tore's Home® has a small mini-bus which can transport up to thirteen residents and a van which can transport 3 residents. Both vehicles come fully handicapped accessible with wheelchair lifts enabling us to provide transportation for non-ambulatory residents.

We offer outings for residents at least once every week. Most of the time we are able to offer outings several times per week. Due to our large transportation capacity Tore's Home® can offer outings to everybody every week.

Let us know which activity is very important to your loved one and Tore's Home® will make every effort to make sure that we incorporate this activity into our program.

Below are just a few examples of activities our residents enjoy.

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